RT PCR Report Download, COVID-19 Test Report, Procedure

The RT PCR Report Download Through the RT PCR application, developed through the National Computing Center for the ICMR, which allows specimen collection centers to enter the details on the accumulated pattern for the COVID19. The RT PCR app reads all the positional parameters such as latitude and the longitude of different locations from which samples are taken.

RT PCR Report Download

Observing the covid19 vaccination certificates upload system is generally recommended as there is a moderate likelihood that you will be affected even after the vaccine doses and you could help officers track vaccination records.

As the application is important to download in your device the COVID test report, many wonder “how to download the RT PCR test report?” If you were wondering the same thing, don’t worry, here’s every detail you need to know about it.

How To Download RT PCR Report Online

  • Firstly, go to the official website of the RT PCR which is- covid19cc.nic.in.
  • Next, enter your details like: username, password and the captcha given there and then log into your account.
  • Then you have to enter your mobile number and the OTP (One Time Password) you have got on your cell phone.
  • Lastly, you will be able to download the PDF of your RT PCR Test Report to your device.

RT PCR Report Download

RT PCR Application Details

As mentioned above in the article, the RT PCR application is used by the sample collection centers and the sample collectors to download the RT PCR test reports from the people.

The users of the application can then download their RT PCR test reports from the application or from the website too. The application is available on the iOS and the Android App Store platforms for downloads.

Steps To Download the RT PCR App

  • First of all, to download the RT PCR test report, you will have to download the RT PCR app through the Play Store or the iOS App Store it is available on both the stores.
  • After that, once you have downloaded the app through the Play store, you have to enter your contact number in it.
  • Now, you will be asked to verify your mobile number by the app and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • After that, you may receive an OTP (One Time Password) in your given mobile number.
  • Then, you have to fill out the OTP (One Time Password) and begin the use of the app.
  • After all this, you will see several alternatives in front of you, but there you need to select the “Add new patient” section.
  • Now you need to complete the form along the way to request your personal data which includes your Adhaar card number and more information.
  • Now it will also ask you to answer some fitness questions you need to
  • At last, as soon as you have completed the form, simply press the “Submit” button in the lower left

How To Download RT PCR Test Report Through Application

  • First, open the RT PCR app on your Android or the iOS device.
  • Next, click on the “View Forms” option.
  • You must now select the date on which you submitted the
  • Now, there you will be able to see your SRF forms, there you must click on the SRF form whose PDF you want to
  • At last, this will open the form in your device and you can download it from there to your device.

Collecting the all and proper data in a timely manner is the most important thing in these difficult times of the COVID.

The Data for COVID19 RT PCR, Rapid Antibody Tests and Rapid Antibody Tests are collected by the Government of India with the help of approved collection centers across all over the country.

The online portal at the covid19cc.nic.in is mainly used to enter the information of the authorized people so that they can use the mobile phone apps to transfer their RT PCR, Rapid Antigen, and the Rapid Antibody test report to the ICMR the official portal for cases probable positive (+) or negative (-), via their mobile phones directly. This portal is only for the authorized government officials use.

In this way we have gave you every detail you need to know about downloading the RT PCR test reports from the application and online above.

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